Nathaniel Rich’s LOSING EARTH reviewed on

April 17, 2019

​Curt Holman reviews Nathaniel Rich’s Losing Earth for The AJC.

Losing Earth is not a book to be read at bedtime, assuming you don’t want to be stressed out over the globe’s fate while trying to sleep. Rich clearly wants to wake readers up.”—literature/the-origins-climate-change-issue-and-the-cost-inaction/Q0ikBAEwdEJo0Lxcjwa9rO/

Melinda Gates Tells Oprah Why She Works Hard Every Day Despite Her Wealth

April 17, 2019

​Oprah Winfrey interviews Melinda Gates, author of Moment of Lift, for

New York Times profiles Melinda Gates

April 15, 2019

​David Marchese profiles Melinda Gates, author of Moment of Lift, for The New York Times.

“Gates’s focus, both here and abroad, is on broadening women’s rights, a subject she explores in her new book, “The Moment of Lift.” “I have rage,” she said, about the injustices she has seen. “It’s up to me to metabolize that and use it to fuel my work.”

Amanpour & Co interviews Nathaniel Rich

April 15, 2019

In light of climate protests in London & the success of BBC/Netflix’s “One Planet,” Nathaniel Rich, speaks to PBS’s Christiane Amanpour about his new book Losing Earth, the history of the US government’s reaction to climate change, and the power of the growing youth climate movement.

New York Times calls LOSING EARTH “gripping…revelatory” in NYTBR Sunday cover review

April 12, 2019

John Lanchester reviews Nathaniel Rich’s book Losing Earth for The New York Times:

“[A] gripping, depressing, revelatory book….Climate change is a tragedy, but Rich makes clear that it is also a crime — a thing that bad people knowingly made worse, for their personal gain.”

Alexandra Natapoff cited in New Yorker

April 09, 2019

In Adam Gopnik’s New Yorker piece, “Who Belongs in Prison”, he cites Alexandra Natapoff’s book Punishment Without Crime.

Grist interviews Nathaniel Rich / LOSING EARTH

April 09, 2019

​Zoya Teirstein interviews Nathaniel Rich, author of Losing Earth, for Grist.

“Nathaniel Rich published his 30,000-word account of the years between 1979 and 1989 — the decade humanity missed its chance to fix climate change — in the New York Times Magazine last August. The response to the piece was so staggering that Rich put aside his other projects and started turning it into a book the very next week.”

Nathaniel Rich / LOSING EARTH on Fresh Air

April 08, 2019

Terry Gross interviews Nathaniel Rich, author of Losing Earth, on NPR’s Fresh Air:

“Climate change victimizes the victimized. It oppresses the oppressed. It cuts along class lines, racial lines, generational lines… So the worse off you are, the more marginalized you are, the worse you’re going to suffer from what’s coming.”

Nature praises Nathaniel Rich’s LOSING EARTH

April 03, 2019

Barbara Kiser includes Nathaniel Rich’s Losing Earth in her list for Nature of the five best science books of the week.

​“An eloquent science history, and an urgent eleventh-hour call to save what can be saved.”

NPR reviews Nathaniel Rich / LOSING EARTH

March 25, 2019

Adam Frank reviews Nathaniel Rich’s Losing Earth for NPR: ““Reading like a Greek tragedy, Losing Earth shows how close we came to making the right choices — if it weren’t for our darker angels.”

Whiting Foundation announces 2019 Whiting Award winners

March 20, 2019

BuzzFeed covers the Whiting Foundation’s announcement of its ten recipients of the $50,000 Whiting awards.

Washington Post interviews Alexandra Natapoff / PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME

January 29, 2019

Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart interviews Alexandra Natapoff, author of Punishment Without Crime, on the Cape Up podcast.—system-criminalizes-the-poor—and-funds-itself-in-the-process/

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